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With 15% LESS CALORIES than any other chocolate made of 52% cacao, DARK CHOCOLATE - 52 has been traditionally manufactured and takes pride of its artisan quality with the same amount of cacao as chocolate with sugar, but using maltitol as a substitute.

Its quality is therefore the same in functional terms and so is its taste, but it has less calories. That is to say: same pleasure, less calories.

Dayelet Dark Chocolate 50%

It is used in the same way and with the same weight as chocolate with sugar. It can be added to all kinds of confectionery and ice cream products: icings, coatings, truffles, chocolates, mousses, ice creams, etc.

All DAYELET sweeteners are harmless for your teeth and keep them healthy.

None of DAYELET formulas contain fast-absorption carbohydrates, such as sucrose, glucose or fructose; and they are


LOW Glycemic index: 14.

460 kcal/1930 kJ per 100g. Fat: 32% (Saturated fat: 19%). Carbohydrates: 48% (46% of them are polyols).
Sugars: 2%. Nutritional fibres: 10%. Protein: 6%. Soy lecithin: 0,6%. Salt: 0,1%.

DARK CHOCOLATE - 52 is metabolized in the same way as diet fibre, without affecting at all

the blood glucose level.

For this reason, DAYELET DARK CHOCOLATE - 52 is perfectly suitable for diabetic people.

Its Glycemic Index is substantially low, which means a very slow absorption.

For this reason, as well as for the functional richness of cocoa, these qualities make it ideal for all people who are following low-calorie diets and weight-control diets.

Sugar-free Chocolates Dayelet

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