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DAYELET CORN STARCH is a native starch obtained by wet milling of whole corn grains. It is presented in a cream-coloured powder form.

Due to its great swelling properties when absorbing liquids, it is used a thickener agent in many food products.

It has a medium viscosity and a great tendency to make gels. It makes gels at 90º C.

Dayelet Corn Starch

DAYELET CORN STARCH is obtained by wet milling of not-genetically-modified corn grains.

Excellent fuel for human activity with a fast contribution of carbohydrates.

All the components of our formulas are GLUTEN-FREE.
VERY HIGH Glycemic index = 90.

355 kcal/100g. Carbohydrates: 87% (0% of them are polyols). Other hydrates: 0%. Nutritional fibres: 0.6%. Fat: 0.1% (Saturated fat: 0%). Protein: 0.4%. Sodium: 0%.

DAYELET CORN STARCH is used as a thickener agent in crème caramel, custards, puddings,

sauces, gravies; and as a gelling agent in sponge cakes, muffins, fairy cakes, crepes, pancakes, soups, ice creams, breads and gluten-free desserts, etc.

DAYELET CORN STARCH is especially suitable for persons with Coeliac disease, gluten intolerance.
Also for weight-control diets or wheat-free diets.

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