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With ONLY ONE calorie, our modern sweetener is a low-carbohydrate formula with an intense sweetener, which substitutes sugar in a 100% of its weight.

Dayelet with Sucralose

It substitutes sugar ‘weight to weigh’ for any table purpose, providing only 1 calories instead of the 4 calories provided by sugar.

It is used for sweetening: cofee, tea, yogurt, yogurt, cocoa, fresh cheese, and fresh fruit such as: strawberries, oranges, etc., leaving the same sweetness and texture of sugar.

All DAYELET sweeteners are harmless for your teeth and keep them healthy, since they have no effect on mouth bacteria.

None of DAYELET formulas contain fast-absorption carbohydrates, such as sucrose, glucose or fructose; and they are all GLUTEN-FREE.

LOW Glycemic index: 10.
Rich in soluble fibre.


100 kcal/420 kJ per 100g. Fat: 0%. Carbohydrates: 95% (88% of them are polyols). Sugars: 0%. Nutritional fibres: 7%. Starchs: 0%. Protein: 0%. Salt: 0%.


sweetener is metabolized in the same way as diet fibre, without affecting at all the blood glucose level. For this reason, DAYELET WITH SUCRALOSE is perfectly suitable for diabetic people.

Just as all the rest of soluble fibres, its Glycemic Index is outstandingly low and it favours intestinal flora thanks to its prebiotic effect.

These qualities make it ideal for all people who are following low-calorie diets and weight-control diets.

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