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azúcar vainillado VANILLA SUGAR


Is produced by milling granulated sugar obtained mainly from beetroots, which is listed as number one by the EU.

Dayelet Vanilla Sugar

During the milling process, corn starch is added as an anti-caking agent, as well as a small quantity of Bourbon Vanilla extract from Madagascar, considered to be the best Vanilla in the world due to its excellent quality, and its delicious and balanced flavour.

Due to its outstanding properties and easy application, it may be used in all recipes, adding an exquisite flavour.

It is ideal for all sorts of desserts, custards, puddings, rice pudding, ice creams, fine creams, buttercream, chocolates, cookies and all confectionery products.

It may be sprinkled on top of any dessert. If you wish to incorporate it to the recipe, add a tea spoon per cup of sugar or per cup of milk.

It must be always kept in good conditions, in a dry place and at a stable temperature.

HIGH Glycemic Index: 70.

395 kcal/100 g. Carbohydrates: 98.5% (0% of them are polyols). Other hydrates: 0%. Nutritional fibres: 0%. Fat: 0% (Saturated fat: 0%). Protein: 0%. Sodium: 0%.

DAYELET VANILLA SUGAR is made with non-genetically modified organisms.

It is a gluten-free product, it does not contain any substances of animal origin, and it does not cause any allergenic affects.

In nutritional terms, vanilla sugar is identical to crystal or regular sugar, composed of glucose and fructose molecules; therefore, it provides almost 4 calories per gram and it is digested exactly the same as regular sugar.

Natural vanilla is considered to be an excellent antioxidant.

Azúcares de 4 calorías Dayelet

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