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Is a dry mix with vegetable fat and dairy protein. It is a white powder with a slight sweet taste and neutral aroma.

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It works as an instantaneous foaming agent due to its protein and fat contents, , and easily creates all types of foamy creams for toppings and cake decorations. It works perfectly well at low and high temperatures, and in acid or neutral solutions.

It stabilises freezing and defrosting processes. DAYELET WHITE TOPPING MIX is a convenient and versatile mix  that incorporates fat textures into creams, foams and clouds for cakes and dessert decorations.

Due to its foaming properties, it is widely used in recipes requiring soft textures, such as cheesecakes, dairy creams,

mousses, yogurts, homemade ice creams, etc.

It is highly efficient when mixed at a temperature below 35ºC, and provides a very soft texture and a delicious taste. Its addition levels are approximately between 25% and 45% per total weight of cream, 20%  per total weight of mix, and between 12% and 15% per total weight of ice cream.

is always added in an inverse proportion of sugar, in other words, the more sugar is added to the mix, the less DAYELET WHITE TOPPING MIX should be added. It can be used in very low doses if necessary, according to the recipe.

All the components of our formulas are GLUTEN-FREE.

630 kcal/2650 kJ per 100 g. Fat: 49% (Saturated fat: 42%).Carbohydrates: 41.5% (0% of them are polyols). Sugars: 17%. Starchs: 24,5%. Nutritional fibres: 0%. Protein: 5.5%. Salt: 0%.
Contents lactose.

DAYELET WHITE TOPPING MIX can increase the volume of the mix up to 200%.

It is easily incorporated fast or slowly to any mix using a manual mixer or an electric mixer, which makes it an ideal ingredient for any type of mix at any addition level.


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