Why is it gluten toxic for some people?

Why is it gluten toxic for some people?

singluten1Gluten is not completely toxic, but it may act as a toxin. The physical action on the small intestine villi is produced by a glycoprotein called gliadin which naturally occurs in wheat.

This type of toxicity slowly eliminates the intestinal villi, smoothing out the intestine wall and reducing nutrient absorption.

There is a predisposition of this self-toxicity that seems to be genetically caused, and late researches have classified it as an autoimmune disease, which means that our body defence system produces antibodies and toxic substances as an immune response to gliadin. This generates the cell destruction of intestinal mucus, so that our intestines can not absorb properly the digested food.

If gluten consumption is stopped, then toxicity is eliminated. This condition is not easy to diagnose, especially in adults, since the intestines have become more affected. In elderly people, common symptoms are fatigue, allergies and abdominal pain, though there might be other causes for these problems.

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